If I had a vagina… And I had a few bucks to throw around, I would buy myself one of these and nobody would ever see me again.

Apr 30. 5 Notes.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she screams. That big thick cock deep in her pussy. 

Then he ties her hands, clasping them behind her back. He reaches forward, pulls her hair, and pounds her harder. “Thank you! Thank you!”

Her eyes close and she slips into a screaming fit of ecstasy. ”Thank you! Thank you!”

After cumming a few more times she gets on her knees and he jacks off for her. She rubs her pussy and the sight of his big cock throbbing before her is enough to make her cum again with him. 

She licks it all up, “God I love the taste of your cum.”

Thank you. Thank you.

Apr 22. 1 Notes.

My fiancé and I like to venture out of town every few months for a weekend getaway. Typically on the list of required amenities is a whirlpool or Jacuzzi bathtub.

The nights will typically begin with a nice hand/blow-job in the warm water. When I finish, the look on her face will turn sinister and she’ll turn around, lifting her legs up against the wall of the tub. All the while, she’ll keep that horny gaze locked on me. I’ll press the power button to the jets and she’ll begin to moan.

She’s not really a clit girl, as she’s very sensitive down there (she prefers her g-spot), but for some reason this over-intensity skips past the level of “uncomfortable” and drives her straight into a world of mind-blowing pleasure.

When she cums, she usually cums as hard as I ever see her cum. Her whole body tenses up and every muscle in her body shakes and spasms. She screams and moans at the top of her lungs without any restraint. Finally, she’ll belt out, “I’m cumming,” and hold her pussy to the jet as long as she can until it becomes too intense.

After she jumps away from the jet, I’ll grab her from behind, stuff my dick, which is rock hard again, deep inside her, and fuck her until we both cum once more.

At home, I’m always suggesting to her that we get our own jacuzzi tub. Her reply is always the same, “…but then we would never have an excuse to go away!” 

Mar 31. 0 Notes.

I love when girls count their orgasms. I know that some girls don’t understand why men will obsess over how many orgasms their partners have during sex, but take it from me… If your man can send you counting? Then count for him. 

Feb 25. 0 Notes.

Have you ever taken your girlfriend or wife to a cheap, sleazy hotel with a hot-tub in the middle of the room? I have… a few times. Yes, it’s a little gross, but it’s also really exciting! 

The jets blowing, the warm water splashing, and the mirrors reflecting back at you, as your girl’s eyes squint tighter and tighter with pleasure upon each thrust you give her.

This room was made for FUCKING and that’s what we’re gonna do. Fuck, and fuck, and fuck again. 

A bonus? The thin walls allow you to hear all the other couples fucking down the hall. So when it’s time to finally collapse and fall asleep, you’re still fucking in your dreams.

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college girl lives ou gangbang fantasy - the grande finale
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It takes courage to pursue your dreams… And I gain courage from watching this ambitious college girl pursue hers. Take for instance the moment around 7 minutes and 35 seconds, when she commands one of naked men surrounding her, with a shy gentle accent, “take my ass.” 

And what does she get for her bravery? Just keep watching for another few minutes when she, in her own words”…just keeps cumming… and cumming… and cumming.”

Those are her words!!

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The next time life gets you down, watch this video and remember that sometimes all you need is a little teamwork.

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To please a woman is the most pleasure a man can have. If your man disagrees with that, then you’re with the wrong man.

You see ladies, to hear you cry and moan, to feel your body tense up and squirm,.. there is no greater satisfaction. It takes chemistry, it takes communication, and it takes skill,

But, in some cases, all it takes is the right hardware. 

Would any woman disagree with that?

Feb 25. 0 Notes.

Here’s a secret to all you ladies out there… Nothing says I love you like a whole-hearted blow-job. I’m not talking about just putting his dick in your mouth and moving back and forth until he cums… I’m talking about when you take his cock and splip it deep inside your throat like you’re possessed by the devil. I’m talking about going down on him like it’s the only thing you ever wanted, or cared about, or thought about, and so on…

The girl above knows exactly what I mean. She is in love with that cock. She takes pride in that cock. 

Do this to your man and he will always know you love him. 

Sep 08. 2 Notes.

So the weather has been pretty damned hot. This means all the girls are starting to wear less and less clothing. You walk down the street and there is side-boob everywhere. All over the place, there are nipples poking out beneath sweaty t-shirts. Bras are no-where to be seen, and wherever you look the rhythmic bouncing of salty-wet tits can grab your attention from 30 feet away. For a voyeur perv like me, life has become one long delirious fever-dream of beautiful creatures.

It seems the summer heat has washed in with its humidity, a brief moment of unashamed exhibitionism. That is to say, that the women this summer have picked there battle, and between fighting the heat and fighting modesty, they have made their choice. And God bless them for it. 

If this keeps going things are going to begin looking a lot like the video above sooner than you think…

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Hot chick has multiple orgasms

You can get quite a lot done in 4 minutes if you put your mind to it, and this beautiful woman is as determined as it gets. With her eyes rolled way back into her head, she is without any doubt, in the “zone.” Of course, if your goal is to cum 5 or so times in 4 minutes, then it doesn’t hurt to equip yourself with the right tools to get the job done.

The tool in this case? A handy waterproof rabbit vibrator, suctioned to the side of a bathtub. That is no amateur move… By the looks of it she has been practicing this for quite some time. You have to admire the placement of those rabbit-ears against her clit — it is spot on.

Do yourself a favor, watch this video and count each time her lovely body clenches as her pussy delivers to her another warm-wash of orgasm.

Apr 19. 2 Notes.

Most women seem not to understand morning wood. They laugh at it, they see it as goofy, or brutish. But how could they understand? How could they know what it’s like? They have never known the feeling of waking up with a stiff cock, that unbeknownst to you, for quite some time has been pressing tautly up against the sheets as you drift from the dream-world into the real world, creating friction and pressure down below. It’s there waiting for you, calling to you in your unconscious as you wade through that warm fuzzy ocean toward the shore of morning. And by the time you get there, you are bloated and drenched with bottled up sexual energy, that has been collecting to the point of bursting. It needs to be let out! 

Don’t fight it. Here is some morning porn for you.

Jan 28. 11 Notes.

There are some things that you have to earn. If you work hard you get a reward. It is a part of human nature. 

One of the reasons I love Annabelle Lee is that she is the epitome of this fact. I have seen her in so many porn videos, and her performances are so alluring because they display an uncensored honesty: You gotta work hard… and then you get your reward.

For Annabelle, the reward is always ever so sweet. The ways she quivers, giggles, and gasps her way through her orgasms is a sight to be hold, and a lesson to be learned.

(Source: xhamster.com)

Jan 14. 7 Notes.

Over the holiday my girlfriend and I traveled out West to Arizona for ten days. While there, we spent two nights in Vegas. On the second night, she either picked up on my antsy-ness to experience some of the naughtier side of Sin City, or she was feeling a bit daring herself, because after a shot or two of whiskey, I got her to agree to go to a strip club with me. 

Once inside her nerves slid away and she really enjoyed herself. And while she turned down every offer for a lap dance, and even one proposition from a call-girl, we did begin to talk about our sexual desires. 

I have long let her know (to no avail) that my ultimate fantasy is group sex (threesomes, foursome, orgies), but she has always been pretty tight lipped about her own deepest turn-ons. However, for the first time my girlfriend of four years, admitted very bashfully, that she would really like to fuck a black guy…

My response? 

"Of course you do! If I were you, I would too!"

(Source: xhamster.com)

Jan 08. 2 Notes.
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